They Grow So Fast

Am I the only cynical mum that has joined a bunch of parenting groups on Facebook? Most of the time I am rolling my eyes or audibly sighing at the ridiculousness of some of the things on those groups. On the rare occasion, someone does offer up a link to an article that has helped me such as this one.

The real reason I am trawling through those groups daily is the reassurance that comes when reading one mothers melt down after weeks of particularly bad nights or tantrums or whatever, that have led to an emotional break down.

Reading those posts makes me feel better. Not in a sadistic way where I enjoy said mothers pain, but more in a reassuring way that I myself am not a terrible mother if there are others (far more wholesome and all round better mothers than me) that have the same struggles with their kids. Then I scoff some more when reading some of the comments people leave on those posts. *sigh*

Something that has been coming up again and again in one particular group is how quickly our little ones are growing up. People are putting up pictures of little johnny dressed in an oversized cutsie business suit. Or betsy in her mummy’s heels and pearls looking all grown up on her way to work. In this group, our kids have just turned 2! 2 years old and these mums are freaking out that their little ones are moments away from fleeing the nest.

This is a very common theme that comes up constantly. Not just in my Facebook feed but all around me. You know, real people in real life. (I just learned the other day the IRL in internet speak means in real life. Yep, I’m just that old and daggy)

All this natter of how quickly they grow up got me thinking about a bunch of stuff. Perhaps it’s because my kid has only started going to childcare and I see her so damn much that I don’t notice how quickly she is growing up.

Or maybe I have totally nailed this mindfulness caper that I am so focused on the present that I don’t lament time gone by. Although, if that were the case I would ooze calm and stillness so that’s definitely not it.

I think the reason I’m not teary-eyed looking back on the past two years of my kids’ life is because I absolutely love where she’s at right now. She genuinely has a wicked sense of humour. She is so damn stubborn and determined and I love that about her. Sure she does my head in when she refuses to do things I ask of her, but I just know that determination will lead to good things later in life. She communicates so much more now. She can say “ass hat” almost perfectly.

She helps me out when I put her clothes on which is not only a bonus for me, but there’s the added sense of accomplishment for her with a massive grin to boot. I love when we are out and she walks by and grabs my hand. Or climbs up to sit on my lap.

Then I look at my baby who gives me gummy grins and coos at me while I change his nappy. I don’t look to him wishing Elena was that age again. Nor do I look to Elena wanting Charlie to hurry up and grow. Instead, I thank my lucky stars that I have two healthy awesome kids that love the shit out of me. I’m enjoying watching the both of them learn and develop their own little personalities. That can only happen as they get older.

So don’t be upset that your kids are growing up, enjoy it. Before you know it, they will be totally self sufficient, sleeping til noon and maybe even washing their own clothes. That’s not a bad thing. Think of all the hang overs and sleep ins you can have!!






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