Welcome to the site that casts no judgement on your parenting abilities (and occasionally, lack thereof). Here, we are all about being real. Because being a trashbag does not automatically mean you’re a bad parent.

All staff and writers affiliated with Parenting for Trashbags are not experts in any fields. In fact, we don’t really know anything about anything. We are just a bunch of people that used to be trash bags, that are trying to make it as parents.

You will not find any suitable advice on this website to benefit your parenting in any way. All we offer is some absurdity and hilarity in a crowded space filled with judgement and serious do-gooders.

When you’re tired from a lack of sleep, mentally drained by a petulant child, sometimes what you really need is a good laugh and a reminder not to take it all so seriously.

Enjoy my fellow trash bags.