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Name – Lara Harvey

Tell us a bit about you

I’m mum to Harry aged 2 and Ava aged 1. With only 16 months between them, these two little ones definitely keep me busy. Days and weeks pass by in a blur sometimes, especially those nights where we don’t get much sleep. Harry is the one who has recently decided he doesn’t need to go to bed, much to mine and my husband’s disgust – where have our evenings now gone? But you know what, we wouldn’t have it anyone other way.

My husband and I started a graphic design business earlier last year, just after Ava was born. Jake wanted to work closer to home instead of doing the 4 hour commute to and from Sydney everyday. We live next to Lake Illawarra, so running a business from home also meant we could enjoy more family time together.

Best thing about being a parent

The best thing about being a mum is seeing your child experience things for the first time, watching them explore and develop their own little personality. On a daily basis the best things for me are cuddles, smiles and giggles – I LOVE scooping Harry and Ava up into my arms, holding them tight and kissing their baby soft skin, and I LOVE the sound of big brother and little sister laughing together.

Hot tip for your fellow trashbags

My advice would be to ‘go with the flow’. Routines have never really been my thing. When you think you might have a routine going, baby has another idea. I try not to let baby rule the roost, and when I have the energy I still like to meet up with my mothers group and see friends for a catch up, soooo I have been known to wake a sleeping baby in order to leave the house.

Don’t be too hard on yourself when ‘instances’ occur, like travelling in the car for 30 minutes to then reach your destination and realise you hadn’t actually buckled your child in their seat (call it baby brain or sleep deprivation) Things just happen, sometimes out of our control. On Ava’s first birthday I blew up a balloon for her to play with, she rolled straight on it and it popped right in her face. I screamed as it made me jump and she burst out crying while I burst out laughing! Things don’t always go to plan but just remember you tried your best.


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