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Each month we catch up with every day trashbags to talk kids and life and stuff.

Name – Tara Moynihan

Tell us a bit about you –

I am the ultimate juggler. I help run the special education department at the local high school and raise my own kids all at the same time (don’t ask about housework and cooking). I live in a rural town half an hour away from said local high school. My job description should involve being able to live from a car and feed kids on demand. I often have people say being a teacher it must be easy raising kids, to which I say “hell no”.
Best thing about being a parent –
Hmmmmmm… Some days there aren’t that many things, like the days I feel I’m bat shit crazy. Best things are the hugs I get when the 7 year old finishes school and I get the chance to pick him up. The way my 2.5 year old screams “mummy” and sprints towards me as she is picked up from her child carers house. The snuggles on a Saturday morning and the kissing them good night and closing the door and praying not to hear from them again until the next morning. The days that everything goes right and everyone is smiling and happy. The relaxing times out doing stuff when they are happy playing or running and exploring. Those are the best bits I think.
Hot tip for your fellow trashbags –
 Do what you need to do to get the job done. I can’t be a stay at home Mum, I’d go crazy. But if you can’t handle being parted from your child stay at home (if you can). Give birth the way you feel comfortable, shit happens. You’ll always wonder if you could have done things better, differently, you are not alone. Most of all do what you need to do to survive (being mindful of everyones safety of course).



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