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Name – Hayden

Tell us a bit about you –

I’m a long time trash bag who dabbled in the art of creating humans with my wife Kanda about 5 years ago now. I am the proud father of Oliver, who I can safely say is my favourite person in the world.

I am also one of many who suffers from a condition I’m sure many trash bag parents out there can relate to. I suffer from the chronic condition called “non-attendance”. At first this condition can be confronting and at times isolating. Luckily seeing my little guy grow up and develop his own personality definitely makes it worth the sacrifice. That being said – take every chance you can get for some adult interaction.

Best thing about being a parent –

Hmmm…the best thing? Sure I could talk about all those joyous times bonding with my son. Great times like watching the same DVD for the millionth time – but it’s not the best thing.

The best thing about being a parent has to be the level of disdain you can apply to daily situations. We have all been there. Nodding politely during a conversation, secretly contemplating ways to eject yourself from the boredom. Parenthood gives you that freedom. The freedom to say “fuck this, I make my own people, I don’t have time for this – goodbye”.

Hot tip for your fellow trashbags –

My main tip is to not listen to anyone’s advice on how to raise your child. I find most of the people who love to dish out advice are freaking out and looking for validation they are doing a good job. Just enjoy watching your kid’s personality develop and take it as it comes.

If you take my first hot tip on board, I trust you will take the tips below with a grain of salt:

  • Never ask the question “Can we afford that babysitter?” The answer is always, YES ITS SO WORTH IT.
  • Whoever said “Don’t bribe your child” is a moron. Kids master the art of manipulation early in life. Unfortunately they don’t develop the art of reasoning at the same time – so if a cupcake is the price to pay for them to behave, go for it.
  • Don’t worry, if you’ve had urges to lay a bit of smack down on some kid at the park. You aren’t the first parent to want to launch on another kid who messes with your offspring. A quick “Oi” and a death stare tends to work a treat to sort those punks out.


Happy parenting trashbags!


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  • Tania says:

    Brilliant, I am such a strong supporter of the Oi and deathstare that it warms my heart to read other parents are just doing what needs to be done.

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