Olivia Claire

I met Ollie at a company called Sentis in Brisbane. She is a tiny English woman and a force to be reckoned with. A positive psychologist from Manchester, she is a wildly vivacious character with an infectious personality.

The first time I met her, we were on a trip to Hamilton in New Zealand. A large group of us had gone out for dinner. One by one people started leaving until it was just Ollie and I left standing. We ended up at an Irish bar drinking pints and discussing philosophy.

“There’s no such thing as reality. Nothing is real. It’s only your perception.”

Straight up, this tiny English bird that I had just met, at some ungodly hour in an Irish Pub in NZ was saying those exact words to me. I was sideways and could barely see from one eye let alone comprehend the mind-bending theories she was sharing. Pretty much there and then, I instantly fell in love with her.

You know when you meet someone and you just know that they’re your kind of people. I had that with Ollie when she questioned my reality!

As time went by, I got to know her better and love her more. She is a yoga fiend, swears like a sailor, drinks like a footy player and has the mind of a philosopher.

We travelled a lot for work, which meant a lot of boozy dinners and time spent on the road.

Ollie is the sort of person that sees the best in people and does all she can to help that person grow. And she has this ridiculous ability to motivate and inspire others.

She was the very first person to know about my first-born’s existence. On a mining site in the middle of nowhere, a pregnancy test indicated a tiny human growing in me and I freaked. Husband was on a plane and I couldn’t get through to him. So I called Ollie. She came over to my donger and in an attempt to calm me down she suggested, “Let’s go to the bar and figure this out over some beers.”

She recently moved to Airlie Beach for an incredible career opportunity. She is much better at staying in touch than I am. When she made a few attempts to call and I didn’t answer she knew I wasn’t ok.

I texted her and explained that I was having a rough time. She insisted that I take a break and go up and visit her. She used the frequent flyer points she had accumulated over the years to book my flight. She took time off work, took me to the most amazing restaurants, lazed on the beach, she even got me drinks and took me to a club. She listened to me and reassured me.

Ollie and her wonderful husband Clifford went the extra mile to look after me and I honestly felt like royalty.

While this is a huge deal for me and I am overwhelmed by her generosity and love, she bears it no mind. It’s just what she does and the kind of person she is.

Olivia Claire, this is your blog.


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