Annette Jane

When I moved up to Brisbane I inherited a wonderful Aunty and three cousins on my husband’s side. My aunt is a primary school teacher, her eldest daughter in the motor industry and the two youngest are both nurses. The four of them are all so different in personality and character, yet have an intrinsic Winslade quality that binds them.

Annette is the middle child. Her older sister is fiercely determined in a very competitive industry that dedicates herself to her work. She loves a chat, loves a drink and is full of life. Her younger sister has a far more laid-back demeanour. She is super cruisy, hilarious and also loves a drink. Then there’s Netty. The quiet achiever. She makes cruisy look unhinged.

She organised her wedding with very little help from anyone and didn’t break a sweat. Everything was under control, paid for, organised and without so much as a vent from her. She is everything I am not.

She is incredibly accomplished, wouldn’t know what stress was if it slapped her and is more of a listener than a talker. Since having kids, Netty has been my saviour. She works a roster as a registered nurse with hours all over the shop. Any free moment she has, she is helping someone else.

For a long time, she helped me. I hate to think where I would ever be without the support she continues to give me. She is so good with my kids and they absolutely love her.

I’ve lost count how many times she has come around to give me a hand. When you live far away from your friends and family, you can feel pretty isolated.

When I was 8 months pregnant with Charlie, I slipped a disc in my back. Apart from being in the worst pain, I had known, I realised how dependent Elena was on me. I couldn’t move.

Netty came over, got me a coffee, looked after Elena, put her down for a nap then looked after me. As a nurse, she has a natural affinity for looking after others. She then continued to check in on me every day making sure I was ok.

That’s just Netty. She ensures everyone is ok. Not once have I heard her complain about anything. She never says anything is too hard. She is genuinely incredibly selfless. I know I can always count on her for anything I need. And she has bailed me out in my time of need more times than I can count.

Annette Jane… this is your tape.



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