13 Reasons Why Not

A while back, I was having a terrible time with my nemesis depression. Trying to look for a job, injury and a range of other factors led me spiralling into a dark place.

A friend of mine (oblivious to my mental state) suggested a good show to binge watch called 13 Reasons Why. Wow.Just wow.

If you’re not familiar with the show (what rock have you been hiding under?), it follows a young girl who has taken her own life and left behind 13 tapes to the people she felt contributed to her suicide.

Whilst the show was very well done and entertaining, I found it failed to portray or even talk about the mental illness associated with suicidal tendencies. In that respect, it did nothing but stoke the flames of myth surrounding why people take their own lives and further stigmatize mental illness.

But this is not a review of the show. Just my beef with what it didn’t include. What it did make me think about was why wouldn’t you have those conversations with people when you’re alive.

Then it got me thinking about the shit time I went through and the extraordinary people that surround me and lift me up.

So I am writing a series called 13 reasons why not. And it won’t be tapes, it will be blog posts, about the 13 wonderful humans that supported me and helped when I needed them most.

Bear in mind, there are way more than 13 people that helped me out. I adore them and am forever grateful to them, but it would mess with the theme and what I’m going for here, so I narrowed it down to 13.

Sometimes shit can get real. If you’re having a hard time, I beg of you, pick up the phone, talk to someone or get help. We have so many brilliant resources. You don’t have to do it alone.


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